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Terms & Delivery

Shipping and payment

POSTEXPORT - Delivery time for Europe 7 working days, 10 working days for Asia, 13 working days for America, Australia, New Zeland and Japan

FEDEX - 1-3 working day for European Union, 1-3 working day for Asia, America, Australia, New Zeland and Japan

Customs costs each country separately charges. Check along with your customs service in the terms of payment of customs duty.

Payment options Netclickshop uses include: PayPal, Google Wallet, Bank Transfer. Time for reclamation and return of ordering, 30 days after receiving orders. After this time, we do not accept return.

Damage during transportation
All shipped packages are insured. If the package and/or the content is damaged upon arrival, please report it to the courier upon delivery. When returning goods to us, do not use snail mail as this is uninsured (and you will not be reimbursed if the package is lost). Always keep your receipt. If you notice any damages when you unpack your items, please contact us.

Intellectual property:

We respect the intellectual property of others.  If you believe that your work has been copied and is accessible on the Netclickshop, please contact us.

Price changes
Netclickshop reserves the right to change prices. Prices at the time of placing an order are valid throughout the buying process. At times where software or human errors for instance list products with an obvious faulty price. Netclickshop reserves the rights to cancel the order (notifications will be given), and give back the money to the customer in the value of the payment that came from the customer.

Change of product assortment
Netclickshop reserves the right to change its stock availability on the site and to remove items from the product.

Product information
We do our best to make sure that all of the content on our site is correct. However, as we are only human, we reserve the right that unintentional errors may occur. Colors on your computer screen are not always 100 % accurate.

Under 18 years old?
If you are under the age of 18, your parents’ or guardian’s consent is required to make purchases on this webshop.

Terms and delivery
By ordering from our site, you accept our general terms and delivery, including our Privacy Policy.

Terms & Delivery (Register Costumer) :

The rules should be respected registered users:
First It preserves their order and not shared with another person
Second Respects the integrity and accuracy of data Netlickshop
3rd No sales, gives pointers purchase through its orders to other people
4th Netclikcshop reserves the right to terminate the order registered user if you do not respect the rules or in any other way violates.

Terms & Delivery (Guest Checkout):

The rules that are valid for the customer who buys a guest:
First The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of data entered in the order
Second The buyer is responsible for receiving shipments
3rd The costs of re-shipment borne by the purchaser if the first does not receive the parcel
4th Time for complaints is 30 working days
after receiving orders.

Terms & Delivery (Returns Products):

Rules for the return of the package:
First The buyer is obliged to inform the Netclickshop that wants to repay orders
Second The buyer is obliged to explain why you do not want the product ordered
3rd The buyer is obliged to deliver a package with returned receipt as proof of purchase in Netclickshop
4th Netclickshop will return the money that was paid for orders if it finds grounds for appeal
5th The buyer is obliged to submit the account to which the money will be refunded
6th When orders being returned, Netclickshop will return the money

Terms & Delivery (Gift Vouchers):

Rules for the purchase of gift vouchers
First The buyer is obliged to make the order and make the payment for voucher
Second Netclickshop will deliver a gift for whom indicated a gift from a customer
3rd The customer is aware that the money paid Netclickshop can not be returned to the customer than just the named person to be supplied gift.