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Customer Support

Instructions for Register Costumers:

Instructions for registered customers include the registration procedure and then fill the orders . The procedure of registration is simple. Please follow the instructions for registration . The benefits brought by registration are : discount of 5 % on all items. Easily keep track of your orders, as well as edit your order. Netclickshop reserves the right to determine which items are going at a discount.

First Step - Click the button on my account and open a portal to register.
Second Step - Click on the Continue button and you will open the page Regist Account
3rd Step - Fill in all the information necessary to make the registration was made ​​( mandatory fields with a red star )
4th Step - Choose a password that is unique
5th Step - Select the option that you wish to receive information from us
6th Step - Make sure that you match our rules ( Privacy Policy)
7th Step - Click on the Continue button and complete your registration
8th Step - You will be given a confirmation e-mail from Netclickshop on registration with the code for a discount
9th Step - Then you, use a registered account in accordance with the rules Netclickshop

10th Step - After that put the product in the cart and click on button checkout

11th Step - Click on the Continue button, choice options to final orders


Instructions for Guest Costumers:

Procedure in buying Netclickshop as a simple. We need to just follow the simple instructions for ordering .

By purchasing such gest have a simple and quick purchases that do not require registration .
First Step - Select the product you want to buy and the quantity of the product insert to Cart
Second Step - Click to Shopping Cart Open Cart and choose the options that you are able to
3rd Step - Complete the information Billing Details and mandatory fields with a red star
4th Step - If the delivery to another address and fill out these fields and click Continue
5th Step - Select the option you want to send. In addition to the service that delivers a price for sending so that you can plan to expenses .
6th Step - Select the method of payment ( PayPal, Google Wallet, Bank Transfer )
7th Step - Check Terms & Delivery and confirm whether it suits you
8th Step - Check the accuracy of the data that you have completed and if everything is OK , click Confirm Order
9th Step - Check your email of order. If you have any questions please contact us


Instructions for Returns Products:

Instructions for returning products that do not want or somehow does not suit is simple and easy.The procedure of filling orders in a few simple steps. Before filling orders verify the accuracy of your complaint.

First Step - Click the button Returns
Second Step - Complete the information necessary for returning the product
3rd Step - Enter the comment and the reason for the return
4th Step - Check whether your repayment coincides with the Terms & Delivery
5th Step - Click on the Continue button and we will process your order for repayment


Instructions for Gift Vouchers:

Netclickshop it possible for our esteemed customers the opportunity to loved ones gift voucher valued at up to $1000.00. The procedure is simple and easy. After payment vouchers customer no longer any possibility of returning the money.

First Step - Click the button Gift Vouchers
Second Step - Complete the necessary information to make a gift supplied.
3rd Step - Complete the quiz and the cost of gifts you want to give
4th Step - An agreement about a rule that after you pay, you can not return the money to
5th Step - Make a deposit and we will be the person to whom you wish to send a gift