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Doll Lalaloopsy Littles Whispy Sugar Puff 534792

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Lalaloopsy were ordinary rag dolls but as soon as the last of them all sewn end, they magically come to life! Now living in his miraculous Lalaloopsy world, full of surprises, in their sweet homes with colorful crib. It just takes some imagination and love Lalaloopsy spell will last forever. Through Lalaloopsy world your children will learn that getting old can become new again, that everything can be reused, that nothing was to throw. Lalaloopsy are designed to stimulate children's imagination and creativity.

Lalaloopsy Sugary Sweet Littles doll Whispy Sugar Puff™ is light and airy and so sticky sweet. Sometimes she's so light on her feet that a small breeze can lift her off the ground, but she always comes back down with a big sweet smile. Lalaloopsy Sugary Sweet Littles dolls are adorable candy themed characters. Collect them all!

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